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Our purpose

To create a physical and virtual production space (experimentation and product development), that involves aesthetics, with the purpose(s) of:

1) embodying the emerging future as an art-form and social change initiative,

2) investigating the nature of individual and social group experience of change and transformation,
by giving it form and visibility, through various art forms.

The Arc of the Journey




A ten-day experience, beginning with a three-day immersion journey to the body, the cultural context of the Mayan world, and to social art, with the aim of sensing the physical and cultural spaces where the works of art will be developed. Followed by two days of dialogue and mediated field experiences, that will allow the discovering of fundamental concepts underlying the work. Prototypes will be co-developed, refined, iterated, and introduced through community performances.

For this February version we are complete with a list of 30 people


Learn more about the hosts of the residency.

  • Arawana Hayashi

    Core Team Member of The Presencing Institute

  • Claudia Madrazo

    President and Founder of La Vaca Independiente

  • Ricardo Dutra

    Social Systems Designer and Action Researcher


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Tecoh was born as a live work of art in 2011, after five intense and exhausting years of work and dialogue with the Cuban-American artist Jorge Pardo. It was the ruins of a 17th century Hacienda in the Yucatán, México, which presented the ideal architectural and landscape conditions to create a Site-specific work of art.

Today Tecoh hosts workshops, experimental co-creative processes, aesthetic retreats and transforming dialogues.


Hacienda Tecoh, 97820
Izamal Municipality,
Yucatán, México

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